Bundalee Cabins

Why they are unique

Universal and low energy design for extra comfort

Bundalee Cabins were designed as holiday accommodation for people with disabilities and their support. As they are set up to be self sufficient or with the opportunity to have your career/family near by to enjoy your time away.

Some special features considered were:

  • A spacious layout was designed for inside and outside, with doors wider than average allowing space for a wheelchair to maneuver.
  • Easy access from inside to outside with no steps access from bedroom to front verandah’s.
  • Each end of the dining table is longer to give room for a wheelchair.
  • Light switches and door handles are located at a friendly height of 1m from floor level.
  • Larger light switches with contrasting colours.
  • Door handles are easy to open single handed .
  • Tap mixers are in use.
  • The bathroom is accessible from both bedrooms and includes safety railing, a fixed shower seat and non slip wet areas.
  • Spacious garage with plenty of room for wheelchair entry and exit. It also has a remote panel lift doors.
  • Contrasting colours have been used to aid people with vision impairment.
  • The raised herb garden (work in progress) and the paved areas allows for outside enjoyment.

Another aim for Bundalee Cabins was for them to be low energy buildings, the designer took into account various environmental aspects including:

  • Passive solar design.
  • Double glazed windows are used for temperature comfort and also to keep outside sounds to a minimum if required.
  • The grounds are off set from Waterport Road and are soundproofed by an olive and a pistachio orchard.
  • Soundscreen insulation in all walls and ceilings to create an inside environment.
  • Split air-conditioning in main living area to help achieve balance temperature control.
  • We harvest all of the rainwater possible and use throughout the cabins via a filter system.
  • North light roof space windows allow in extra light and are electronically controlled to create natural air flows.
  • Northern orientation giving good natural lighting throughout the day.
  • 15 amp plug available for electric vehicles in both garages.

We hope these special features help you enjoy your stay at Bundalee Cabins.