Frequently asked questions:

If you have any queries about Bundalee Cabins please read below:

Are pets allowed?
Pets are allowed by negotiation.

Is there a minimum number of nights we have to stay?
The minimum stay for Bundalee Cabins is two nights. But you may be able to negotiate this in low season.

What time can we arrive at Bundalee Cabins? When do we need to depart by?
Arrival time is from 2pm onwards and please notify us of your estimated arrival time. If you are arriving late in the evening contact Jason Wright on 08 85525744 or mobile 0421287349. On the day of your departure you are required to leave by 10am. Should you wish to vary this please let us know in advance and we will do everything possible to accommodate you.

Are the cabins set apart?
Yes the two Cabins are separate with discreet landscaping in between for your privacy. Both are joined via a paved walkway.

How many people does each cabin cater for?
Four people, as each cabin has a queen bed and two single beds.

Are linen and towels provided?
Yes, all linen and towels are provided. If you stay for longer than a week, a fresh supply of linen will be given for no extra charge.

Do you charge for extra linen?
If you need to replace your linen during your stay, a surcharge of $50 applies, alternatively you can use the washing machine provided.

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What sort of bathroom facilities do the cabins have?
Each cabin has a bathroom between the two bedrooms with two way access, safety rails where required, fixed shower seat, flexible shower head, toilet, no obstructing screens and a step free shower.

Which orientation are the toilets?
The toilets are right hand assist.

Is there T.V available in the cabins?
Yes, each cabin has a 32 inch digital LCD television that receives all the local free-to-air channels.

Do the cabins have heating/cooling?
Yes, each cabin has a split system, reverse cycle air conditioner in it.

Is there mobile phone or wireless internet available?
There is good mobile phone coverage and if you have your own portable internet connection, the signal strength is good.

What cooking/kitchen facilities do the cabins have?
Each cabin has a self contained kitchen with all the basics including induction cooktops, microwave, fridge, and crockery/cooking utensils. Each cabin also has a gas BBQ in its own private verandah.

Do the cabins have laundry facilities?
Yes there is a washing machine and sink available for use.

Is there a BBQ provided?
Each cabin has a gas BBQ in its own private verandah.

What are the parking arrangements?
There is a garage for each cabin which will fit one car. The Pistachio Cabin has a garage that can be accessed from inside the cabin and cialis generique via a paved walkway. The Almond Cabin garage is accessible via only a paved walkway. Both cabins have plenty of extra car parking space for extra vehicles outside the garages.

How will we find you?
50 Waterport Rd, Port Elliot, 5212, South Australia (location only).
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How long will it take us to get to the cabins from Adelaide?
From the city it takes about 1hr drive.

Can I smoke on the property?
No. You are more than welcome to smoke on the council footpath and on the street but not anywhere on the property.

But wait, we have other questions!
Please contact us via our enquiry form if you have any more questions or you need any more information on the Bundalee Cabins.