Things to Do

Places to eat

Port Elliot has some beautiful places to visit, including local cafes, stunning beaches, scenic boardwalks, and breathtaking ocean views.

Some of the main food attractions of Port Elliot are listed below, this is just a selection of some popular places. Adjacent to Bundalee Cabins is Mamma Lisa’s: which specialises in oven fired bread & flat breads, it occasionally has a small Italian restaurant open. No trip to Port Elliot is complete without venturing to the Port Elliot Bakery as it is renown for a mouth-watering array of bakery items. If you go to horseshoe bay for the day the Flying Fish café offers belgium style fish & chips. Enjoy your food experiences!

Port Elliot Bakery

The Pt. Elliot Bakeries site has been a bakery, patisserie for over a hundred years with the original wood fired oven still in place. It bakes its products fresh daily at this premise only, exclusively in Port Elliot.

31 North Terrace, Port Elliot
Ph: (08) 8554 2475


52 Waterport Rd, Port Elliot
Ph: (08) 8554 1836

Flying Fish Cafe

1 The Foreshore Horseshoe Bay, Port Elliot
Ph: (08) 8554 3504

No. 58 

58 Waterport Rd,
Port Elliot
Ph: (08) 8554 3149

Hector’s on the Wharf

Main Wharf, Goolwa
Ph: (08) 8555 5885

Royal Family

32 North Terrace,
Port Elliot 
Ph: (08) 8554 2219

Beach House Cafe

62 Franklin Parade,
Encounter Bay
Ph: (08) 8552 4417

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